About US

Life Tale Management is a full-service management company that represents carefully selected talent for film. TV, VO and print, and offers that talent to clients big and small. We streamline the process for everyone efficiently and professionally.

We also have 40+ years of casting experience and can cast your project - big and small - with real and honest guidance on talent relations, including SAG-AFTRA. When we cast a project, we see as many people as we can - inside and outside of Life Tale Management. When we are casting, our talent never pays a commission to us. We don't double-dip. Ever. 

We CARE for actors.

What ever happened to talent representation that would know what a casting director is looking for in a headshot and resume and would take the time to vet auditions for each individual actor instead of referring them to a website?  What happened to representation that could give cohesive advice about SAG-AFTRA?

Life Tale Management was founded to value legitimacy, communication and collaboration among its members.  We never make you pay to be represented. We never make you sign a contract. If you book your own job, good for you! No commission is due. Did you hear about an audition? Great! Share it with us so that your colleagues can audition as well. We are here to represent you – legitimately.

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Madalyn VanValkenburgh

Madalyn is the co-founder of Life Tale Management and is the glue that coordinates the talent and submissions. She has experience as an Associate Producer of feature films, commercials, a web series and 40 episodes of True Health: Body, Mind, Spirit, a naturopathic TV show currently available on Amazon. Madalyn has also co-written several family-oriented feature film scripts.